Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Spotter's Guide

Rule One of magna-esque webcomics: If your protagonist isn't an asshole, he must wander around semi-aimlessly expositing every little       thought aloud until the plot happens to them. Bonus points if they have amnesia.

Rule 2: Tell, don't show. What do you mean comics are a visual medium? God gave us Text Boxes, no?

Rule 3: Breasts!

Rule 4: The plot ain't going to unfolded itself. Do it now- lingering tension will just make your readers antsy.

Rule 5: Did you follow Rule 3? Angsting about breast size is neither hackneyed nor cliched, but is instead a vibrant and untapped source of drama and comedy that is not at all demeaning to any female character you might have.

Rule 6: There are plot coincidences, and then there is deus-ex-fabula. Always go for option 2- nothing says well written like an author placing a sign that says Vital Characters Assemble Here

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