Friday, February 18, 2011

A song for the cat

To the tune of Navigator

The bands, and the boxes
The laptops and cords
He chewed and he spat them,
That feline of lords
He minded not noises
That rose through the nights
And the morning hours rang with
His Yowls and his Flights

Aggravator, Aggravator,
Rise up and be gone,
The morning is here,
I have not slept too long.
The sun in this wee hour has barely begun,
And off to your food bowl I see you do run.

Brought in by the hundreds,
Mice and birds beware
Presented as gifts
And left here and there
You pray he'll bring dead ones
Because they don't squeak
As the live ones he drops off
Wake you when you sleep


A cat owners' curse
Is still yet his joy
That furry behemoth
That lovely wee boy
You'll put up with yowling
And the signs of cat brains
For the chance of a snuggle
When outside it rains