Monday, December 8, 2008

Guffin War: Program Pt. 2

Molly’s history is one of enigma and heroics. Her partner Loonette, dying in the fall of ’35 left her a sizable inheritance, but Molly was never one for siting back in leisure. She was with the Allies when they landed and Italy, and managed to make it to the fall of Berlin, where she assisted the 3rd Shock army in taking the Reichstag. She left Berlin shortly thereafter on an ultimately fruitless manhunt to find Martin Bormann. She is documented as leaving Argentina in June of ’47 and is recorded by the Soviet Ministry of State Security as being in Belgrade at the time of the Tito-Stalin split in ’48, along with an undercover Johnny Bravo and Count von Count. She is reported as having encouraged Tito to involve himself with the Marshall plan, but she may have also been involved in a plot to restore the Serbian monarch Peter II. By all accounts she left the country by 1952, although Tito had a statue of her placed near what would later be his tomb, Кућа цвећа. This statue was removed following his death. Molly posed through out most of the fifties as opera singer Moliere De Lune, finding employment at the Teatro Argentino and then the Vienna State Opera, where she gave one of the most renowned performances of Brunhilde in the entire 20th century. She ran a dance academy in Star City from 1960-63 with the wife of scientist Benton Quest, Diana. Following Mrs. Benton’s death in childbirth, Molly left the States for the War in Asian, getting involved in the Tet offensive, fighting against the Pathet Lao in Laos and finally assisted in the resistance to the annexation of the Mushroom Kingdom by China in ’75. Highly disillusioned by what she saw as succession of failures, she withdrew from the world to a hermitage in Groundling Marsh, leaving it only to attend the funerals of Tito, Albert Speer and Christopher Vokes in the early eighties. Until Carmen Sandiego was found dead in St. Canard in ’06, Molly had not left her marsh for over twenty years.

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Jerry Prager said...

You do amuse yourself. That Groundling Marsh is a busy place.