Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yeuh, Yeuh, Yeuh.

On any average day, I find our anthem to be a rather dull and tiresome piece of patriotism. Even on Dominion Day, which has since been converted into the generic, banal Canada Day it bores me, and I find dismissing the whole day as irrelevant. Only on Armistice Day does that change. On that day, I find pride in its song, I tear up at its tune. At today's ceremony at Humber, a brief ten minute affair held in one of the cafeterias, I was struck by how few people were wearing poppies. A remnant of remnant had them on, and there was only a few people who were even apologetic for not wearing one. When I inquired as to why the auditorium wasn't in use (It can seat many persons), I was informed that it was because the music department had a class in there.

I was disgusted, horrified to hear such a pathetic reason. Who cares about the music department? They can't practice elsewhere for one single day? Hell, why were they even having a class? All class should have been cancelled. This used to be important.

No more, I guess. What have we become?


Jerry Prager said...

We have become forgetful.

Miss Caitlin H said...

Fanshawe had not even a ten mintute cerimony. There are donation boxes all around the school for poppies. Any amount may be given...two cents...a dollar... the lint from a glove? They're in common areas, such as tills and check outs. I picked one up because, silly me, I left mine on my spring coat at home. My friends each wore a poppy. I would say... one thiry-second of the school wore a poppy? One sixteenth owned one and left it on another article of clothing perhaps? Gill (a friend) left hers at the end of the day on a table. I asked her, "Why leave your poppy?"

She said, "Rememberance day is over."

I went to get it, but it was all too symbolic so I left it there.

Also, these are collage samples we're observing. People aren't used to being coaxed through life on hangers anymore.