Saturday, November 8, 2008

Going among the mad.

It has been said that I should start a blog, merely because people are tired of having to listen to me in person. If I ramble incoherently to the endless abyss of cyberspace, then I can have the satisfaction of having said something without the virtue of affecting anyone by it. Now, normally I would be loathe to do something that all the kids are doing nowadays, but when your own father starts a blog, you realize that you may, in point of fact, be even further behind the times then you had previously assumed. Since Blogger helpfully points out I created this account last year, this idea had no doubt occurred to me previously.

Nietzsche warned of the perils of gazing into the abyss, but what if we shout into it? What if we fill it with words? Humans do abhor empty space. What if we try to fill the internet up? With something other than pornography, I mean. If that a worthy goal, in this secular age?

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Jerry Prager said...

So who exactly is The Lord of Ábrocen Landmearca, and how is it he comes to this abyss yet again one year later to presumably once more discover the black hole glow of cyberspace ? And if the rampart to chaos can be overthrown by shout-filled spaces that may yet transcend porn - as it may well be - it will nonetheless be the utterance of coherent words into the ionic belly of the beast, which will have revealed the magick of this secular age and thus ushered us into the mystic of the next.